Not surprisingly, we’re back to CNN.

Last night, on Chris Cuomo’s show, he brought on ana navarro – a “CNN Republican” (i.e. someone who once was a Republican but now collects $$$ from CNN to bad-mouth them every chance she gets) and Steve Cortes, of President Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council.

Click here to watch the video.

Try to get past Cuomo’s rude, insulting talk-over attempts, and watch navarro’s complete uncaring arrogance, as Mr. Cortes talks about the amount of criminality there is among illegals, and the innocent people who have been murdered by them.

Then listen to her disgusting whine-fest when he calls her out on it (if you have trouble seeing the video below, click here).

ana navarro is a pig.  And if CNN had any standards at all it would fire her for this.

Therefore, count on her continuing there as if nothing happened.

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