…about why Twitter is flagging/censoring President Trump’s tweets about the Minneapolis riots (NOT protests, but riots).

From someone who uses the screen name “reality check”, reacting to Matt Vespa’s article about the censorship:

It’s very simple what is going on here. Covid-19 has taken Trump’s ability to have rallies away. Now, Twitter is “censoring” his tweets in order to muzzle him on the one platform he has to get around the media. Previously, we saw the media stop carrying Trump live on his Corona pressers because they saw what it was doing to his approval ratings. This is all a coordinated media effort to muzzle Trump and keep him from reaching the American people. I’ve seen a lot in my nearly 5 decades of observing politics and the media, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this.

Does “reality check” make a valid point?

You decide.

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