No one can deny writer/reporter/muckraker Glenn Greenwald’s leftward and liberal (I distinguish between the two) credentials….at least not until recently.

But as someone committed to free speech, he is appalled by the censorship openly being exercised by a cadre of hard-left social media giants.  And he has the guts to risk their wrath by saying so.

Here in three tweets – the first on Thursday, the second on Friday and the third yesterday – is a clear, concise outline of Mr. Greenwald’s thinking:

Thursday:   “A handful of Silicon Valley oligarchs decide who can and cannot be heard, including the President of the United States. They exert this power unilaterally, with no standards, accountability or appeal,”

Friday:  “The centralized power over US democracy (and other democracies) concentrated in the hands of a tiny number of unaccountable Silicon Valley oligarchs is stunning, unprecedented and unsustainable.”

Saturday:  For years, I heard it’s invalid to object to political censorship by FB & Twitter because, if you don’t like it, you can just create a competing social media platform.

Parler tried. And in 24 hours, Google, Apple & Amazon united to destroy it.

That’s what monopoly power means.

My one and only disagreement with Glenn Greenwald is his contention that this is unsustainable.

With Democrats fully in charge for at least the next two years, while relentlessly being pulled further leftward by ignoramuses like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and haters like ilhan omar and rashida tlaib, while political hacks bereft of principles like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (who didn’t used to be this way, but is now) allow themselves to be pulled along…

…the current preeminence of these oligarchs (great choice of words, Mr. Greenwald; that’s exactly what they are) is fully sustainable.

I’ve written in recent blogs that I am truly scared for where this country has gotten to and where it is headed.  Much though I hate to do so, I am again expressing that fear.

I wonder how much longer it will be before twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and his politburo shut down Glenn Greenwald’s account.


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