Is what I just heard on the radio true?

Did Joe Biden make his highly publicized “I believe that this president is literally an existential threat to America,” speech, in Davenport, Iowa, to a crowd of…85 people?

That’s a huge crowd, if you happen to manage a McDonald’s. But certainly not if you happen to be a presidential candidate – the leading candidate at that – and you’re making a heavily publicized speech in a major city.

Biden may think Trump’s threat is existential.  But the public, apparently, thinks Joe Biden’s opinion is inconsequential.

If you insult a sitting President and no one hears it, is it still an insult?  As the factory workers said in Arthur Miller’s classic play, All My Sons, “If you want to know, ask Joe”


  • Democrats are a Clear and Present Danger to America.

    Jackass Joe is a poo-poo-head. [Little Mikey, age 4].

    Elizabeth Warren is White Squaw who speak with forked tongue.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . [what got me censored at Disqus.]

    • I’m still laughing over the fact that, according to 23 and me, I’m as Native American as The Phantom Cherokee is

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