…Conrad Black’s amazingly blunt, angry, and mostly justified rant of a commentary in the February 6th edition of the New York Sun.

My honest excuse:  I did not see it until this morning.

But now I have.  And I will make amends, by providing this link, so that you can read the entire piece and see what I’m talking about.

Its first four paragraphs are below:

Donald Trump’s critics never imagined that more than a year into his presidency, his approval rating would be rising and just under 50%, the economy would be cranking up to a 4% growth rate, North Korea would have quieted down temporarily, U.S. oil production would be rising sharply and imports steadily declining, ISIS dispersed, over $6 trillion added to Dow-Jones Industrial stock values (despite Monday’s slide), and the Clintons as well as Mr. Trump’s official investigators facing far more serious legal questions than he is.

It was about a year ago that Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal, a rational commentator, suggested that the White House leaks could be Mr. Trump’s Watergate. When the president and his family departed for the Middle East, Rome, and the NATO meetings in May, one of ABC’s commentators, Nate Silver, said his chances of impeachment were 25% to 50%.

A month later, knowledgeable former Reagan and Clinton adviser David Gergen said, “We are moving into impeachment territory.” It is generally assumed by even quite fair-minded commentators that if the Democrats get just a bare majority in the House of Representatives in November, Mr. Trump will be impeached, though no one now seems to predict that he will be removed, which requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate.

This is the level of routine that the criminalization of political differences has reached: If the Democrats regain control of the House, even by a paper-thin margin, they will vote articles of impeachment no matter how spurious, as if it were a no-confidence motion in a parliamentary country without fixed-date elections, like Britain and Canada and Germany. But it is an accusation of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Interested in reading on?  Well, you’ve got the link. Enjoy.

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