I almost never put up material on facebook anymore.  But I do check it regularly to see what my friends are posting.  And two of them, Montana Russ and St. Louis Sports Jerry (my names for them, not the ones they use) have both put up this anonymous statement about COVID-19 (the corona virus) and the claims/promises made about it by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

I am posting it here, because I think it makes a great deal of sense.  See if you agree:

Probably one of the stupidest political arguments right now is “200,000 have died from Corona because of Trump” coupled with “We (Biden/Harris) have a plan to deal with Corona”. We hear it at the debates and in the commercials.

First, if you have this miracle plan, why the hell have you not implemented it? Senator Harris, you get to present and pass laws.

Mr. Biden, your party has control of the House of Representatives where all the money gets spent- why have you not passed and funded this miracle plan months ago? Why do we have to wait and see who wins the election and you all get your butts back in Washington in January?

Seems like if what you say is true, and you did nothing but hold your miracle plan, those 200K are on you.

2nd, when all the political BS is peeled back, there is not one single Mayor or Governor that can honestly say that they did not get what they needed and more, to keep the medical system from being overwhelmed.

Mobile field hospitals went unused. Naval hospital ships went unused. Charity mobile hospitals went unused. The private sector and Americans stepped up and met the PPE needs.

The partnership between the White House and the private sector cranked out ventilators and not only met the needs but replenished the emergency stockpiles. Not one, but multiple variations of vaccines have been discovered and are in final trials in the fastest time in history.

Take your secret plan and shove it. I am too old to buy into snake oil scams and too experienced to not look at the real evidence/record.

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  • My take is that if Trump did such a horrible job and 200000+ are dead because of him then the rest of the world must be doing great. As they are not it is clear that there’s nothing anyone could have done to prevent this, except of course if China kept it contained. The Trump administration is correct you can’t contain it so the focus needs to be on treatment and a vaccine all of which is being addressed with operation warp speed which has been a huge success as although the cases have increased the death rate is markedly improved. As per usual the democrats are full of shit and if Obama was President and did exactly what Trump did, the media would be praising him. This is all political, why else would Pelosi not pass a stimulus?They will do any say anything to hurt Trump and anyone with half a brain can see that. I’m done ranting…….

    • Yep I agree too, you can’t contain this for long if at all. We’re up to what, nine million cases? We had over SIXTY MILLION cases of Swine Flu while Obama / Biden were in charge, and Biden thinks he will control THIS virus? He can’t even control his own sphincter. Michael Osterholm said the BEST CASE scenario would be 480,000 dead…we have less than HALF of that “best case” so far thanks to the magnificent response of this administration.

  • Here is some good news for a change.

    Ateam of elite U.S. Navy SEALs successfully rescued an American hostage in Nigeria on Saturday, reportedly escaping unscathed, according to a military release.

    American force—reportedly the Navy’s famed SEAL Team 6—conducted “a hostage rescue operation during the early hours of 31 October in Northern Nigeria to recover an American citizen held hostage by a group of armed men,” Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said in a Saturday statement.

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