Did you know that, until it was finally pressured into pulling them – five months after they first appeared – no longer sells “Allah doormats” – i.e doormats with the Muslim name for God on them, to wipe your feet with?

I am not Muslim.  But I can assure you that I am as completely offended by this as if I were.  Those doormats are a deep, disgraceful affront to every member of the Muslim faith – which, whether some people want to know it or not, includes countless millions of decent people.

I’m sure the sale of “Allah” doormats was a laugh and a half for anyone who hates all Muslims because they are Muslims.  Just as “cross” doormats would be a riot to Christian haters and “star of David” doormats would tickle the funny bones of anti-Semites.

But now that they are no longer for sale at, I guess Muslim haters will just have to find an alternative way to display their prejudice and intolerance.

Boo hoo.

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