Evidently, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has as deep an understanding of how push-polling works as she does of how the economy works.

Why do I say this?  Because she actually tweeted these “research results” to prove how popular her “Green New Deal” is:

Meanwhile, in real life:

A remedial research lesson for you, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez (and your pal, Waleed Shaheed):  A question that sings the praises of the Green New Deal before asking how respondents feel about it is not a real question, and does not generate a real finding.

Yes, if you tell respondents how wonderful the Green New Deal is and what great things it will accomplish before asking their opinion, you are likely to get positive results.

But tell us:  what do you think the results would have been if the question were worded this way:

(Now) Suppose a candidate running in your state’s Democratic presidential [primary/caucus] supports the Green New Deal to force you to retrofit your home and every other building in the country, get rid of every gasoline-using car, end air travel so you could not fly anywhere, and make us economically non-competitive with the rest of the world, so that China Russia, Iran, India and other countries which do not adhere to the Green New Deal will predominate in the global marketplace, leaving us with whatever is left?

If a candidate supports the Green New Deal, would you be much more likely to support that candidate, somewhat more likely to support that candidate, somewhat less likely to support that candidate, much less likely to support that candidate or would it not make a difference to you either way?

Do you think you’d still get that 83% positive rating?

Oh, what’s that you say?  It’s not a fair question?  I’ve created a ridiculous farce by stacking it with every negative claim that Green New Deal opponents make?  OF COURSE they’ll answer negatively if this is what they’re being told about it?

Y’know, Alexandria, you just might have a point there.

Congratulations.  NOW you know something about push-polling.

Too bad you still don’t know squat about economics.

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  • Too bad you still don’t know squat about economics.

    Or politics or even life in general.
    I guess a pretty smile and an uninformed electorate is all you need to be a politician. Pathetic.

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