This probably will not be an ongoing feature because, eventually (sooner rather than later, I imagine) Democrats will force Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to just shut up.

But for the moment?  Here’s her latest, via an excerpt from the offensively named “allahpundit” at

Why are we funding an agency that had a child die in its custody on Christmas Eve, she asks?

Except that was Customs and Border Protection, not ICE. And to hear AOC tell it, you’d think the child had died from official neglect of his illness, if not outright murder. He was taken to the hospital twice by CBP, having been released the first time by doctors with a prescription for nothing more serious than an antibiotic and ibuprofen. The agency didn’t leave him gasping on a cot in a corner somewhere.

Great point, AOC.

A child, whose prior medical condition we do not know, was taken on a thousand+ mile trip under terrible living conditions.

He fell sick, and was treated at a hospital by the country whoever took him was trying to enter illegally, but then left to die in their care.

So your conclusion is that we should defund our Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This has all the logic of a children’s story run through a funhouse mirror.

But ” she represents the future of our party”.  Just ask DNC chair Tom Perez.

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown – who appears to share her intellectual prowess or maybe rise slightly above it…

…good grief.

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