It turns out that adam schiff is more than just a bumbling incompetent and a lying snake.  He is also without any scruples when it comes to “outing” other people’s phone records – including a journalist who has a legal right to protect his sources.

From Byron York’s article for the Washington Examiner:

House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff’s decision to publish the phone records of the president’s personal attorneys, a journalist, a fellow lawmaker, a National Security Council aide, and others has sent a chill among Republicans concerned about the reach of a powerful chairman determined to root out the communications of people with connections to the Trump-Ukraine affair. Rep. Devin Nunes, ranking Republican on the committee, whose phone records were included among those released, called the move a “gross abuse of power.”

The Intelligence Committee Democrats’ Trump-Ukraine impeachment inquiry report, released publicly Tuesday, included records of some phone calls by presidential lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow, Nunes, journalist John Solomon, Fox News host Sean Hannity, indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, National Security Council aide and former Nunes staffer Kash Patel, lawyer Victoria Toensing, and unidentified people at the White House and Office of Management and Budget.

In reading the rest of Mr. York’s commentary, it is said that what schiff did was not illegal per se (though I wonder if that can be true in the case of journalist John Solomon).  Instead, it sits slightly below illegality, and firmly in the area of snarky, obnoxious “gotcha” behavior of exactly the kind I would expect from a dirtbag like schiff.

Personally, I would never advocate behavior like this.  But if it is going to happen to someone else in the future – if someone else is going to have his/her phone records made public for no good reason – let it be adam schiff.

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  • schiff is lucky we live in a time where men are not men anymore. If we still lived in that time he would be very worried about being in the back rooms of congressional buildings.

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