Suppose it came out that a Republican senator – say Richard Burr, who chairs its Intelligence Committee, used his office to scour the private telephone records of people not charged with any crime, but who just supported a leading Democrat presidential candidate?

What do you think mainstream media would say about that?

Well, would it be what mainstream media have said about Rep. adam schiff (D-CA) who chairs the House intelligence Committee, doing exactly that while trying to find something – anything – he could use to take down the Republican President of the United States?

In other words, virtually nothing?

Excerpted from David Harsanyi’s article for

Where are all the self-styled champions of the free press now that Adam Schiff has used the surveillance powers of the state to smear not only his political rivals but a journalist?

With the release of the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment report Tuesday came the revelation that Giuliani and his Ukrainian affiliate Lev Parnas, whose metadata Schiff apparently subpoenaed, had exchanged calls with former The Hill columnist John Solomon, ranking Intelligence Republican Devin Nunes, and attorney Jay Sekulow. Even if we allow that the California congressman had genuine national-security concerns when he subpoenaed metadata from AT&T so he could snoop on his political opponents, what possible national-security concerns would justify unmasking them?

Mr. Harsanyi’s artcle continues, and is well worth reading in its entirety.  But I think you get the idea.

There is one reason and one reason only that a snake like adam schiff can operate this way, and it is the fact that mainstream media do not call him out on it.  Ever.

The same actions which, if done by a Republican in schiff’s position, would have them screaming for his head on a silver platter, are, instead, ignored/suppressed/buried on his behalf.

Simply put, all too many members of mainstream media – the ones who are supposed to be our neutral watchdogs, the protectors of fairness, the exposers of behaviors exactly like those of schiff’s – are, and have for years been, acting as bought and paid for propagandists for the schiffs of the world.

How do they call themselves “journalists”?  How do they even look themselves in the mirror?

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  • How do they call themselves “journalists”? How do they even look themselves in the mirror?

    For them the endorphins that are created from “winning” override truth and fairness.

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