What happens when, instead of sending a reporter to deep red country to laugh at, then write about, what hopeless jerks the true believers are, the reporter is sent to deep blue country to do the same?  What happens then?

Wonder no more. sent reporter Adam Wren into deep blue country to do just that.  And his report, depending on your politics, is either edifying (see, I told you so) or appalling (how dare they do that, and equate us to them?).

My favorite part:

I met Elie Venezky, a 45-year math educator and entrepreneur who described himself as “upper middle class.” Venezky was here to put in his monthly 2 hours and 45 minutes in exchange for the privilege of accessing some of the city’s cheapest food prices. For the first few minutes of his shift, the Clinton voter laid out a relatively straightforward, if improbable, way Donald Trump could gain his support.

“If he came out in tears and admitted his whole life was a lie, and that he’s changing all of his policies, and that he’s going to fight for the people, and that maybe Putin isn’t such a great guy, sure, he could win me over that way,” the card-carrying member of the coastal elite told me. “But the chances of that happening are pretty slim.”

Why didn’t Venezky regret voting for Clinton, what with the stock market rallying and jobs aplenty, with people wishing one another Merry Christmas again, and with North Korea reportedly coming back to the diplomatic table to talk denuclearization?

“I mean, come on, read the news,” he told me.

Venezky would be perhaps the most persuadable voter I would encounter on a 72-hour excursion through Clinton Country in early March. 

Isn’t it wonderful to find that the progressives (NOT liberals – they’re anything but) Adam Wren came across were so open-minded, so receptive to more than one side of things, didn’t think of themselves as superior beings to the toothless, neanderthal mouth-breathers who actually admitted to voting for (gasp!) someone other than the correct candidate?

Who would have thought…..

Please use the link I’ve provided and read the entire article.  Then be sure to read a sampling of the comments, many of which demonstrate exactly my evaluation of the “appalling” (i.e. “progressive”) point of view.  I promise that, at the very least, you’ll be entertained.

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