It was inevitable.

As we discussed days ago,  Trump Labor Secretary Alexander could not maintain his position once the sweetheart deal he provided jeffrey epstein became known.

Today he has resigned.

Though we don’t know for sure,  it is very likely Acosta was told to do so, or he would be let go.

But regard of how it happened Acosta’s departure is no surprise at all.

Now,  when do media talk about Florida prosecutor, Democrat Barry Krischer, who was handing epstein an even better deal?

And when do they talk about former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with Epstein, which included 26 or more flights on his “Lolita Express” –  many of which, apparently, had under-age girls on board?

Or will they continue to try selling the false equivalency between epstein’s intense relationship with Clinton and his peripheral relationship with Donald Trump, which ended with epstein being banned from Mar A Lago many years ago?

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