Is CNN’s jim acosta trying to set some kind of record for most consecutive times making an absolute fool of himself?

If so, he’s doing a bang-up job at it.  Here is his latest attempt.

acosta, still smarting from the drubbing he took over standing at a wall and smugly telling us there was no illegal border-crossing problem there – somehow not comprehending that the wall was why there was no problem…

…acosta found another area, right on the Rio Grande river separating Texas from Mexico, with no wall.  And – just as smugly as the first time -he reported that there was no problem there either, thus no crisis/no need for any wall to be built.

However, what he didn’t tell us is why.

For that, we go to a writer/critic using the name “Techno Fog”, who used to live just walking distance from where Acosta was lecturing us.  And he/she explains the reason there is no need for a wall in that specific location, complete with photographs.

You can (and definitely should) click here to see the reasons Techno Fog puts up.  But, for the moment, here is just a sampling of his/her explanation:

For starters, there’s nothing on the Mexican side. Less urban density means less cover. Nowhere for smugglers to hide. Also – the Rio Grande is wider and deeper in this section than in other parts. It’s a logistical challenge.

There’s LOTS of security in this area. CBP office is 10 mins away.

This section of the Rio Grande is constantly monitored by boats.

Also, there’s a levee just inside the TX side and an elevated road (pictured) that goes down to Granjeno TX (3 miles away). Levee ends at RV park; road continues. The levee road provides great visibility. CBP trucks there constantly.

Hmmm.  Could these factors have some bearing on why, at that specific point on the border, a wall is not necessary?

And remember, what I just put up is only part of the reason; please use the link to see the rest, and all the photographs.

It is “reporting” like this, which makes it clearer and clearer that jim acosta is a great asset.

Unfortunately, however, his asset value is not to CNN.  It is to Donald Trump, and to anyone who wants ongoing reassurance that a cable news venue which features him must be a pathetic joke.

In that regard, between acosta’s border “reporting” and his history of beyond-obnoxious performances at press conferences,  he rarely disappoints.

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  • I would think if you were going to walk across a border illegally you would do it at night when it is dark.

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