Here is the latest in our series of instances where overt racism is not only acceptable, it is clearly thought of in positive terms.

Am I going to be discussing a klan rally?  A regrouping of the Charlottesville neo-nazis?  Uh…nope and nope.

I am, instead, going to quote from Saturday’s Joy Reid show on MSNBC.

Joy Reid, you may recall, is the MSNBC personality who put out all those gay-bashing posts years ago – first denying she did so, then claiming her computer was hacked, and then, finally, admitting and apologizing for what she had written.

MSNBC, of course, kept her on anyway.  If you’re hardline-left enough on politics – particularly identity politics – you’ll probably have a happy home there forever.

And now – just in case you think gay-bashing is Ms. Reid’s only issue – we come to Saturday’s “AM Joy” show.

During what passes for a panel discussion – in this case, with writer Tiffany Cross and MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson, the discussion turned to the fact that Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has a White husband.

And – with a tip of my imaginary hat to’s Mark Finkelstein – what did these two paradigms of tolerance, these fighters against racism, have to say about it?

From Cross, we had this:

Black men. Blue-collar black men. They’re going to have a problem with her record . . . but I will say, I think the African-American community expects more from people who look like us, particularly a candidate who represents us . . . She needs to find a strong, black man advocate who can be in her corner at some point in the campaign — at any space in her campaign, I would say, that’s my key advice: find a prominent blue-collar, self-made, black man to be in your corner.”

And Johnson, not to be outdone, chimed in with:

“Let’s just be candid. When you’re saying she needs to have an advocate out there, it’s not going to be her [white] husband. She needs to surround herself with African-American men.”

Are you basking in the warmth of their racial tolerance?  About that, I can only guess.

But I certainly don’t have to guess about Joy Reid.  Not one word of criticism, not one “hold on there” sentence, escaped her lips.

And don’t expect disapproval from any of her cohorts at MSNBC either.

Uh…aren’t these the people who lecture us, on a daily basis, about racism?

Wonderful.  What next?  Will Reid feature a series by Anthony Weiner detailing his techniques for sexting avoidance?

What hypocrites.

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