Here is the latest in this sickening series, excerpted from Drew Van Voorhis’ article at thecollegefix.com:

San Diego State University is set to host a “Racial Healing Workshop” for minority students and faculty later this month that aims to help students and professors of color get through college and career life.

“This intimate one and a half hour Racial Healing Workshop catered to students and faculty of color will be led by well-known professional Dr. Cheryl E. Matias,” state the student organizers of the event, the Marriage and Family Therapy Association, a recognized student organization under the College of Education.

“She will provide a safe space for students and faculty of color to discuss issues that impact persons of color in higher academia,” the event’s online description states. “Dr. Matias will facilitate group healing and she will provide tools to help POC [people of color] navigate racialized spaces such as higher education and professional fields.”

“A safe space” – i.e. free of White people.  What a reassuring idea.  Just the ticket for those folks who are quick to rail about racism – when they perceive themselves as the victims – but are all for it when they are the racists.

Tell me:  what would the people running this excrement-show say about a Whites-only workshop dedicated to citing crime statistics among the Black population and instructing White students on ways of protecting themselves from Black people?  Do you think they would appreciate the “safe space” concept then?

I don’t.  I assume they would aggressively protest it – with full media support – and attack the people running it as a bunch of hopeless, unrepentant racists.

And they’d be right too.

I’ve blogged these two points many times, and here they are again:

-You cannot solve racism by creating more of it.

-The single straightest line to prejudice, intolerance and hatred is seeing people as components of groups, instead of the individuals we all are.

The “safe spaces” for Black students workshop is a classic example of both.

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