About those media attacks on the Trump-kim summit…

It didn’t take long.

Now a good many in the media are attacking the summit meeting between President Trump and kim jung-un.

A point of order for them:

This was a single meeting, lasting just a few hours.  If we are being advised correctly, it yielded a framework for denuclearization, a promise to return the remains of 6,000 or so of our fallen soldiers an DC the opening of a dialogue on human rights.

That, it seems to me, is one hell of a meeting.

Yet many of these “journalists”, possibly out of revulsion at the thought they might have to say something positive about President Trump, are attacking it for not being meaty/definitive enough.

That is absurd on steroids.

These are the same media, let’s remember, which had little other than praise for the G7 nations, which just held their umpteenth meeting over umpteen years, resulting in a statement of vague, boilerplate-quality platitudes about working together/business as usual -meaning the US continues to get screwed – and then railed against Trump for refusing to sign it.

If they want to attack Trump for something, they can, and should, attack him for his ludicrous, gooey compliments to kim jung-un, the deranged, murderous man-child he had to deal with; the one he derided as “rocket man” just months ago, and who he will deride again, just as insultingly, if kim reneges on what was promised at the summit.

But as for the summit itself? Their attacks come across as little other than Trump hatred.

What else is new?

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    Trump Cures Cancer
    Puts 25 pharmaceutical companies out of business.
    Responsible for over 5000 scientists losing jobs.

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