In the past several days I’ve heard enough times about the “25 old White men” who passed Alabama’s new abortion law to appreciate John Hinderaker’s response to it in his latest commentary (bold print is mine):

The “25 old white men” theme is ubiquitous. The anti-abortion bill passed Alabama’s Senate 25-6. All 25 who voted in favor of the measure were white men, although not many of them appear to be old. Four of the six who voted against the bill were also men. The bill passed Alabama’s House 74-3, with the legislation’s female sponsor and six other women voting in favor. The bill was signed into law by a female governor.

Personally, I am against the Alabama bill.  It is far beyond the limitations I would place on abortion.

But I am also up to here with the demonization of people by age, skin color and gender… that is odious to the left…..except when they’re the ones doing it.

And if they are going to do play the identity-politics game, they should at least be honest about it.  This bill is not the exclusive province of the age, race and gender they love to hate.

Thank you, Mr. Hinderaker, for bringing these facts to our attention.


  • Strategy of the left, facts be damned, smear, lie, accuse and brand your opponent as a nazi, fascist, etc.

  • On Friday the Democrat controlled House of Representatives voted 236-173 in favor of the Equality Act, which would require schools to include male athletes who identify as transgender girls on female sports teams. The bill had unanimous Democrat party support.

    The bill forces schools to include biological males in women’s sports.

  • The USSC will overturn this law and abortion will again be legal. Roberts and Kavanaugh will both vote to overturn it.
    You can mark my words.

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