Last week I wrote a blog citing Senator Marsha Blackburn’s contention that the four Democrat U.S. Senators running for President – Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bennet – should recuse themselves from the impeachment trial, on the grounds that they have a direct potential benefit in President Trump’s conviction and removal from office.

In it, I said the following:

Does Marsha Blackburn have a point?

Frankly, yes she does. These four senators are running against President Trump for the purpose of replacing him. Therefore, they have a direct, personal stake in the outcome of this trial. That is a classic basis for recusal.

But if I were betting, my money would be on no recusals.

Why?  Because insisting on them would require a level of guts and principle I do not expect from a swamp creature like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Well, it is now a week later.   And those four Senators are still in the chamber.  Not one has recused her/himself or, so far as I know, been asked to do so.

Are you surprised in the least? I doubt it.

I certainly am not…just as I am not surprised that there has been no media outcry for them to recuse themselves.

Hey, why would I expect such an outcry anyway? After all, they are Democrats, aren’t they?

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