By now you probably have read or heard that a flash poll by Rasmussen research shows, in a hypothetical contest between Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump, Ms. Winfrey would beat Mr. Trump by 48% to 38%.

Is this reason for Winfrey people to start dancing in the street and Trump people to start panicking?


Ms. Winfrey is – deservedly – a very popular and very respected entertainment/social activism icon.  But would her history – what she has said, who she has consorted with, what companies and characters her business empire deals with, who/what long-time companion Graham Steadman is, etc. etc. etc. stand up to a political campaign?

Here, for example, is a montage of pictures which has immediately surfaced, showing Oprah in her lovey-dovey mode with….well, you know who:

Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, text


How do you think that would affect her popularity in a presidential run?  Her credibility?

Until now, no one has worried much about any of this?  Why should they – it’s not like Oprah is running for office, is she?

But in the exceedingly unlikely event that Ms. Winfrey does decide to make a presidential run, it will all be out on the table for everyone to see.  The pictures shown above will only be the tip of the iceberg.

That’s a good reason to disregard the feel-good poll Rasmussen issued…

…and it’s a good reason for Oprah Winfrey to avoid running for high office, no matter how her media pals and mainstream media might try to coax her into it.

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