After President Trump’s detractors spent years excoriating him for daring to walk out on the Paris “Climate Accords” – the ones that were a) non-binding and b) did not require China, the the single most polluting country in the world, to start doing anything about it until 2030 (heavy polluting India too) – we have this, excerpted from Patrick Galey and Marlowe Hood’s article at Agence France Presse (AFP):

 A UN climate summit in Madrid stumbled towards the finish line Sunday after marathon talks between countries exposed deeper divides than ever over how to enact humanity’s plan to avert global warming disaster.

More than 36 hours after the negotiations were due to end, delegates were close to agreement on contentious issues, including how ambitious each nation is in its individual plan to fight climate change.

Faced with fire-alarm warnings from science, deadly extreme weather made worse by climate change, and weekly strikes by millions of young people, negotiations in Madrid were under pressure to send a clear signal that governments were willing to double down in tackling the crisis.

But observers and delegates from nations already bearing the brunt of climate-related disasters said the COP 25 in Madrid had resolutely failed to live up to its own slogan: Time for action.

“We wanted provisions that were in the Paris agreement to remain and what we see at every COP it just seems to be another opportunity to erode those,” Grenada envoy Simon Stiell told AFP.

The accord enters in to action next year, and it had been hoped COP 25 would show the world that governments had listened to the weekly protests, irrefutable science and more extreme weather events to redouble their efforts.

Yet the key issue of ambition — how far each country is willing to slash carbon emissions or assist less wealthy peers to do likewise — has largely failed to materialise.

As you can see, the article is written in a way that tells readers there is absolutely no doubt that man-created climate change is a fact, and is hurtling the world toward disaster…

…but that, knowing this, the nations of the world, out of their own self-interest, will not do a damn thing about it.

These are the nations that were touting the (again, non-binding) “deal” President Trump disengaged us from.

For the record, the United States, absent participating in this international absurdity, has lowered its carbon emissions over the years and continues to do so…which is more than most of the sanctimonious, holier-than-thou countries discussed above have ever done.

Let me end with a question – which I have asked before and which people sincerely worried about climate change should have been asking every day: How many marches have the groups, which condemned President Trump for walking away from the Paris Accords, mounted against these countries?  Against China’s pollution levels?  Against India’s pollution levels?

Gee, maybe it’s just easier to put on a meaningless show in the USA and get some great headlines, than it is to demonstrate actual sincerity about this issue by going after the real culprits.

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