What physical condition is Hillary Clinton trying to hide from the public?  And what does her ridiculously inept attempt to do so tell us about our mainstream media?

This weekend I posted a picture of Ms. Clinton in Boston, wearing what appeared to be winter clothes on a day it was 90 degrees.

Here she is at yesterday’s Memorial Day parade in her adopted home town of Chappaqua, New York, when it was 72 degrees (room temperature):

Notice what the girl scouts around her are wearing?

Other pictures of Ms. Clinton make it obvious she is wearing a back brace of some kind.  For what, I do not know.

I hope whatever condition Hillary Clinton has is temporary, and that she has a long, healthy life.

But the fact that mainstream media have put a virtual blackout on reporting it is a very different issue.

This is the 2016 presidential candidate.  The one who, several times, went off the campaign trail for a week or more.  Media – in full Hillary protection mode – barely reported that when it happened.  And now, with Ms. Clinton’s potential candidacy in 2020 still a possibility, they are looking the other way again.

How far will they go to protect Ms. Clinton?  How completely will they ignore their basic responsibilities as journalists?

How do they even call themselves journalists?

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  • How messed up is Hillary that she tries to hide something we all saw in a picture taken pre-scarf? What does this say about her and the people around her?

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