It is now a week since news broke that a White House aide, Rob Porter, was accused of being an abusive husband.

Mr Porter resigned because of the allegations, and is no longer associated with the Trump Administration.  Mr. Trump himself is not accused of a thing.

If ever there was a one-day-and-out story, this is it.

But the Rob Porter one-day -and- out story occurred as new, damning information was uncovered about the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama/FBI/DOJ complicity in purchasing, creating and disseminating the so-called “Steele dossier”.

So, for a solid week now, we have gotten massive coverage of Rob Porter.  NOT the actions of people who were actively undermining/trying to take down the elected President of the United States.

Does anybody besides CNN, NBC, MSNBC and their like-minded leftward, Trump-hating cohorts, give a damn about Rob Porter?  Do you?

When President Trump talks about fake news, this is precisely what he means.

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  • anybody besides CNN, NBC, MSNBC and their like-minded cohorts . . . .

    The nation relies on those ‘cohorts in collusion’ to alert us to significant developments, e.g. “Oh Look ! There’s a squirrel”

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