There are conflicting reports that, tomorrow, Senator Al Franken either will or will not resign his seat over allegations of sexual harassment.

Personally, I don’t like Al Franken.  I think he’s a bit of a jerk.  I don’t like a lot of his political positions.  It would not bother me at all if he were no longer a United States Senator.

But not this way.

Senator Franken has been accused by a number of women – the number has grown in fits and starts to, I believe 7 – of various types of sexual harassment.  They include groping. attempted kissing and, in one instance, an ill-conceived joke-photo in which he either grabbed or almost grabbed a sleeping woman’s breasts.

Is Franken accused of:

-Raping anyone?  No.

-Attempting to rape anyone?  No.

-Exposing himself?  No.

-Trying to take off any of the women’s clothing against their will?  No.

-Demanding some kind of quid pro quo (give me sex or I’ll……)?  No.

-Is it acknowledged that he stopped when they resisted?  Yes.

For the record, that doesn’t just describe Al Franken.  It describes me as well.

-When I was dating, I didn’t rape or attempt to rape any woman.  I did not expose myself to any woman, or any of the other things on that list.

-Did I try to kiss my dates and cop feels – or more, if they were receptive?  Yes.  Did I stop if they did not let me do so?  Yes.

At this point I think I’m supposed to point out, with appropriate benevolence and poignancy, that although Franken may have acted boorishly, boorish behavior should not cause someone to be removed from elective office.

But I’m not going to do that.  Because  what I described (which covers most of what Franken is accused of) is not boorish behavior.  It happens a million times every day, with guys “trying something” and only then knowing whether the “try” is welcomed or spurned.

Have we really gone so far down the path that this normal, everyday sexual behavior would disqualify a United States Senator from retaining his office?

It is absurdity on steroids.

To Senator Al Franken:  do me a personal favor and stay on as senator.  If anyone doesn’t like it, tell them to sign an affidavit swearing he/she never tried anything sexual with someone who then said no,  And if any of them actually offer to sign such an affidavit, tell them for me that they’re full of crap.


  • I agree. There is nothing good about Franken leaving the Senate because our goofy Governor will just appoint someone even more radical, like Keith Ellison. As much as I detest him, I hope he stays.

    • I don’t like him either. But – and this is the same predicament I find myself in with Roy Moore – though I think the senate would be a better place without Franken, tossing him out on this pretext today means someone I do have regard for can get tossed out on the same pretext tomorrow.

      I also agree you’ve got a goofy, off-kilter governor. What is it with Minnesota and governors anyway? Jesse Ventura wasn’t enough of a lesson for you guys?

      • Jesse’s campaign manager was brilliant, his campaign hit all the right notes and he won a three man race with something like 38% of the vote. By the end of his term his approval rate was about 17% as I recall.

        I don’t understand why we keep electing Mark Dayton, as Senator and now a two term Governor. His own family wouldn’t trust him to run the family business but the voters keep putting him in office.

        This state is more divided than I can ever remember. Hillary carried it by a small margin, but outside the Twin City metro area Trump got 70% of the vote.

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