Want to see a short video (about one minute, but it could have been a lot longer) of “pundits” telling us why President Trump’s move of our Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem killed any chance for peace in the Middle East?

With a hat tip to Scott Johnson at powerlineblog.com, here it is:


It is true, of course, that the peace which is breaking out in the Middle East between Israel and its Arab neighbors does not include Palestinian Arabs…

to which I reply, who gives a damn?

Palestinian Arabs have made it their business to reject every offer of peace ever made to them over 70 years, no matter how generous.  They are not interested in peace.  They do not want peace.  They have made it clear that they want nothing less than the obliteration of Israel, the death of all its Jews…and, according to the hamas charter, article 7, the death of all Jews everywhere else in the world as well.   If you are waiting for a peace deal that includes Palestinian Arabs, you are living in a dream world.

The only way Palestinian Arab leadership will ever make peace with Israel is if the rest of the Arab world, through its words and actions both, conveys that it has to….or the people living in Gaza and Judea/Samaria (aka the west bank) rise up, remove the current leadership and replace it with people intent on peaceful coexistence rather than war and genocide.

Let’s hope that happens someday.  Let’s consider the prospect that deals such as the ones Israel has made with the UAE and Bahrain will put pressure on Palestinian Arabs to follow suit….

….and let’s remember how myopic, obtuse and just plain stupid these so-called “pundits” have shown themselves to be.

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  • I would add, if the rest of the world would make the Palestinian leadership pay a price for its abstinence, that may lead to peace also. But, I believe it is the responsibility of the Palestinian people to do it for themselves. I am worried that the majority are so radicalized that they are content with the leadership they have.

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