Apropos of nothing political, but everything worthwhile to me…

My wife and I went this afternoon to see The Green Book” – which is sort of “Driving Miss Daisy” in reverse (White driver, Black passenger, both of whom learn from each other), with Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali both giving academy award-worthy performances.

Afterwards, to Sam’s Club for a few things that, given the proximity of Sam’s to the movie theater, saved a trip later this week.

Then into beautiful downtown Freehold, New Jersey for a quick, but very tasty, pleasant dinner at The Court Jester (it was “Two For Tuesday” night:  two mains and an appetizer for just $23.95 – and a pretty good red wine too).

Life is too short not to enjoy times with the people you love.  They don’t have to be special – even just a movie, and errand and a meal can do it.  And this is a perfect example.

OK, back to politics, where “The Green Mile” would be a lot more appropriate than “The Green Book”, and if we want a jester we can just read the last thing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said.

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