If you want to read an opinion piece that hits the nail on the head, read John Philip Sousa IV’s superb commentary at washingtonexaminer.com, titled “Black lives matter more to Trump than to BLM”.

I’ll show you just the first two paragraphs – but you have to promise that you’ll use the above link and read the rest, ok?

Here they are:

If all black lives mattered to Black Lives Matter, why weren’t they in Chicago last month when Mekhi James, a three-year-old black toddler, was shot and killed? Young Mekhi was just one of 100 people shot in Chicago over a single weekend. Another was a 13-year-old girl who was killed inside her own home while showing her mom the latest dance move.

In addition to campaigning for the abolition of the police, a policy that would surely increase the number of such killings, BLM was busy in Tulsa protesting a president who has done more in his first three years as president to boost the prosperity of black people than Joe Biden did in eight years as vice president.

Mr. Sousa (I don’t know if he’s related to the iconic bandleader) then goes on to cite chapter and verse of what President Trump has done to benefit Black citizens of the United States.  Every one of his points is accurate, and every one of them is something Joe Biden has never come close to accomplishing in almost a half century as a Senator and Vice President.

Again, I urge you to go past the paragraphs I’ve posted and read it all.  There is so much more.

Then think about why our wonderful “neutral” mainstream media have almost completely withheld this record from their suckers viewers/readers/listeners.

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