It isn’t often that you can combine one of the (ongoing series of) ridiculous things President Trump does, with something serious that he should be commended for.

But today’s the day.

Earlier this week, Trump actually tweeted out this photoshopped picture of his head superimposed over a still of Sylvester Stallone’s young body, from when he was shooting the iconic movie, “Rocky”:

That ridiculous enough for you?

But then, on Wednesday, Trump signed two bills expressing support for the Hong Kong protesters and threatening sanctions if their human rights were violated.

It should be noted that both bills passed through congress with almost unanimous support.  This put Trump between a rock and a hard place:

-By signing them, he would infuriate the Chinese government and possibly damage our position in the so-called “trade war” being waged between the two countries;

-By not signing them, he would bow to an oppressive Chinese government and stand on its side against the wishes not only of the Hong Kong protesters but his own congress.

Trump picked door #2.

So how did the Hong Kong protesters react?

Here is your answer:  they are marching in the streets, holding that ridiculous “Rocky” photoshopped picture — and U.S. flags as well.


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