As the Democrat Party, and its accomplice media, try to convince you that President Trump’s asking – not demanding, not threatening, but asking – the Ukrainian President to look into CrowdStrike and the Biden family’s dealings constitutes illegal meddling in another county’s affairs – and is aggressively selling it as an impeachable offense…

…I thought I would remind you of what real meddling in another country’s affairs looks like.

From Stephan Dinan’s article for the Washington Times, dated July 12, 2016:

The State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli parliamentary elections, a congressional investigation concluded Tuesday.

Some $350,000 was sent to OneVoice, ostensibly to support the group’s efforts to back Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement negotiations. But OneVoice used the money to build a voter database, train activists and hire a political consulting firm with ties to President Obama’s campaign — all of which set the stage for an anti-Netanyahu campaign, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations said in a bipartisan staff report.

In one stunning finding, the subcommittee said OneVoice even told the State Department’s top diplomat in Jerusalem of its plans in an email, but the official, Consul General Michael Ratney, claims never to have seen them.

He said he regularly deleted emails with large attachments — a striking violation of open-records laws for a department already reeling from former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s handling of official government records.

THAT’S what real meddling in another country’s affairs looks like.

If voters, collectively, have any brains (which I assume they do) this would result in them derisively laughing the Democrat impeachment initiative into the dustbin of partisan political history…if media ever reminded them of it.

And if Republicans, collectively, had any brains (a far more iffy proposition), they wouldn’t need me to remind voters of what real meddling looks like, then comparing it to the BS fraud Democrats are trying to pull right now; they would already be doing it.

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  • This impeachment is going to tell us how many people are fooled by the MSM.
    How many really know the truth, the facts of what is taking place?
    I admit, I don’t hold out much hope, I think most people get their info from the MSM and so they believe the opposite of reality. Sad.

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