To look at mainstream media’s video footage of the “caravan” heading toward our border with Mexico, you would swear it was teeming with women and children.

Well, that is what it looks like if that is what you video.

But a long shot, showing a large part of the crowd rather than a cherry-picked segment, gives you a better idea of its demography.

And here is one such long shot, provided in Matthew Continetti’s article for freebeacon.com (use the link to see a larger version of this picture):

Honduran caravan

Does that look a little different than what you’ve seen.

Good.  Because it should look different.  The preponderance of young, military-age men in that picture is what is heading our way, no matter how carefully mainstream media’s footage tries to hide it.

Bottom line: the intentionally misleading video footage you are continually being shown is another lie by these “journalists”.   Toss it on top of the pile, if your arm is good enough to get it that high.

The only positive for them is that, given how low public esteem already is for media, it probably won’t make them look much worse than they already do.

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