“You are what you eat” was one of the most famous, and enduring, slogans of the 1960s.

Who would have guessed that in 2018, it would morph into “You are what you put on a billboard”?

This hate-filled abomination now resides on a billboard in Union County New Jersey:

A billboard for an upcoming movie about Donald Trump on Route 22 in Union Township


It was put up by a self-described activist named neil harrison, to promote a movie about President Trump. I assume you know what the movie says about Mr. Trump.

I don’t care what your politics are/what your opinion of Donald Trump is: you should be outraged by this disgusting display.

On the other hand, if you are a Trump supporter, you have a very good reason to be thrilled with it.

Why,?  Because while people who hate President Trump – even if some are embarrassed by this billboard – will hate him no more or less upon seeing it…

…those who support President Trump will be appalled by it, and quite possibly energized/motivated to go to the polls to register their displeasure both this November and two years from now.

As for people in the middle – the ones whose votes often decide elections –  how do you think they feel about a President of the United States being trashed this disgustingly on a public billboard?  Which side do you think this will move them toward?

Bottom line: neil harrison may not realize it, but his billboard makes him a member of both the Re-elect a Republican Majority and Re-elect President Trump committees.

Enjoy the fruit of your efforts, neil.


UPDATE:  The billboardbill been removed.

neil harrison is threatening to sue.

If Republicans are smart, they will consider quietly helping him fund that suit.


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