If the two Trump “whistleblowers” were attacking a Democrat President, how long would you have waited before demanding to know their names?  Their political affiliations?  And what would you be saying about the Republican party if it refused to give you this information?

I wont wait up for your answer.


  • It’s against the law to reveal a whistleblower idenity. Perhaps you should leard a little about the subjects before you report on them.

    • Is it against the law to demand that the whistle blower identify him/herself? To demand that the opposition party prevail upon the whistleblower to identify him/herself? I suggest you don’t make assumptions about what I mean.

  • Intelligence community whistleblowers are not protected from retaliation if they raise “differences of opinions concerning public policy matters”, as is clearly the case in this situation since no violations of any law(s) are specified in the complaint. This fact has been confirmed by the Department of Justice in their finding that the complaint was without merit. As a consequence, there is no obligation to protect their anonymity. The fact that the operative IC whistleblower policy was changed to allow submission of hearsay less than two weeks before the complaint was filed — and that the so-called whistleblower was fraudulent in their submission, claiming on the form that they had direct evidence — casts very serious doubts on the credibility of the democrat operative and their Adam Schiff-supplied team who submitted the complaint. It’s also obvious that the entire “whistleblower complaint” is yet another contrivance of the Democrats in their ongoing efforts to overthrow our President; not unlike their “Russia Collusion” hoax. There’s also the inconvenient matter of President Trump’s Sixth Amendment right to face his accuser. Sadly none of these facts matter to the rabid left wing ideologues who continue to pervert the rules of the House of Representatives, lie to the American people directly or through sycophant media surrogates and manufacture non existent crimes in their incessant quest to reverse the results of an election they refuse to accept.

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