As we have been told, over and over again, only 3% of all the procedures performed by Planned Parenthood are abortions.

According to its just released annual report, Planned Parenthood saw 2.4 million patients last year, and performed 328, 348 abortions.

If 328,348 abortions is 3% of the procedures Planned Parenthood performs on patients, that would mean Planned Parenthood performed about 10,945,000 procedures last year.

This means almost 14% of all patients last year had abortions.

My question:  If only 3% of the services performed are abortions, and 14% of the patients had abortions, how many abortions did each of these women have?

One other question:  I just did some playing with numbers to make a point.  Do you think, just maybe, Planned Parenthood plays with numbers to sell gullible people a BS story about what it really exists for?


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