A quick question about the people who convicted pedophile/sex predator jeffrey epstein was flying back and forth to his sex-den in the Virgin Islands – often with underage girls on board:

Since jeffirey epstein was a major Democrat donor (which mainstream media are, for the most part, doing their best to hide)…

…and since Bill Clinton was on at least 26 flights (flight logs belie the claim he only was on a few, made by his panicked spokesperson – whose panic was probably passed along from the Clintons themselves)…

…and since a number of other prominent Democrats were on those flight logs…

…at what point do media establish this as a Democrat scandal?

Let me end with one other question:  if epstein were a major Republican donor, and a former Republican President was on over two dozen of those flights, along with other prominent Republicans, do you have any doubt whatsoever that it would be characterized as a Republican scandal?

Now we’ll wait for the trial, in which those names are going to come up…and see how media try to continue burying the real story.

One other thing:  I just watched the Today Show’s “coverage” of epstein, and not one word about Democrats in general or Bill Clinton in particular.

It did, however, put up a picture of epstein with Donald Trump – from 2000, years before there were any accusations against him, and a quote from 2002 – still before any accusations had been made – in which Trump was saying they both like beautiful women, and he likes them on the younger side (NOT underage, just “on the younger side”).

This is what passes for news coverage by NBC these days.

God help them.

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  • Okay we have another scandal on the horizon involving major unscrupulous elitists. Any American citizen out there think this will have any coverage comparable to Judge Brent Kavanaugh versus Christine Blasey Ford? I smell a new catastrophe, plague or media circus about to erupt. There will minimal coverage. Instead we shall see an alternative scapegoat talking-head festival to camouflage a dedicated pedophile/sex predator. Maybe C B Ford will cook-up a new sexual harassment case against Jeffrey.

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