A quick question about the timing of the Michael Cohen hearings

Do you think the fact that the house hearings on Michael Cohen are timed to coincide exactly with the Donald Trump/kim jong un summit is a random coincidence?

If so, I know a good doctor who might be able to reverse your lobotomy.

Reality check: in the name of crass politics, House Democrats are doing whatever they can to diminish a potentially significant international achievement that has implications for World Peace.

What does that tell you about the current crop of Democratic leadership?  What does it tell you about their priorities?

Draw your own conclusions.


  • Look at what the Democratic Party stands for and against and then ask yourself is it the slightest bit pro-USA.

  • According to NBC News, Cohen is expected to provide evidence of alleged criminal conduct by Trump since he became president, though this appears to come from a single source and no further detail is reported.

    What they aren’t telling us is the single source is Hillary Clinton.


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