A quick question about the FBI investigation

Is the FBI only investigating Brett Kavanaugh, or is it investigating christine blasey ford as well?

Because if the FBI is also looking into  ford, including what she did during her high school years and what she scrubbed from her facebook page before going public, the Democrats demanding this investigation just might get a result they very definitely will not be happy with.

Were Republicans smart enough to demand that both be investigated fully?

I guess we’ll find out this week.


  • if the FBI is also looking into ford

    then ANY rational findings will expose all the happy horse s**t that she and her handlers have been spouting. In a concise and organized manner.

    The only reason this circus has gone on is obfuscation, distortion, and lies.
    – – 2 question lie detector test
    – – Erica Jong novel (Fear of Flying)
    – – close friends who deny her statements
    – – missing memories (how she got to and from the party)
    – – absolutely no supporting evidence or testimony

    • All that and more. One side is lying or wrong, the other side is not. Both sides, therefore, should be investigated.

      Why the scrubbed facebook account? Why the suppressed yearbook? What would they tell us about her?

      There is NO REASON to believe christine blasey ford over Brett Kavanaugh. Women are every bit as capable of lying as men pand men are every bit as capable of telling the truth as women.

      An investigation that looks into Kavanaugh exclusively and exempts ford is not an investigation at all.

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