Think of all the instances, on political campuses, in the streets, in restaurants, etc. that have been reported in recent years.

(I’m not asking about the hoaxes – think Covington Catholic/think jussie smollett –  I’m asking about the real ones).

How many of them come from the left and how many of them from the right?

And when you’re finished realizing that the preponderance of them come from the left, please remember that mainstream media are far less likely to report leftward violence against conservatives – such as the incident which occurred at Berkeley yesterday – than they are when the aggrieved party is from the other side.  And even when they do, it is far more likely to be given perfunctory, one-day-and-out treatment.

The point?  It is that one of the greatest political frauds of recent years is the claim that left = tolerant/peaceful and right = intolerant/violent.

Walk down a city street, or on a college campus, wearing a MAGA hat or anything else that demonstrates support for the President of the United States, and see for yourself.

Yes, you can find examples of both on each side of the aisle.  But in frequency of occurrence, and in tacit acceptance by media/willingness to look the other way, there is no contest.

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