Most people, I am certain, are unaware of this, but among the seemingly countless efforts to prevent President Trump from giving his attention to his elected office of President, he is fighting two lawsuits which claim he has breached the “emoluments” clause of the constitution:  specifically that because he owns hotels, golf courses, etc., he can profit by people currying favor with him utilizing those businesses.

My question to the people pushing these lawsuits:  any particular reason you didn’t go after President Obama, who, while President, managed to amass enough money to buy a Martha’s Vineyard estate worth (depending on which article you read) $12 – 15 million dollars?

Last time I checked, the Presidency pays $400,000 a year.  If Mr. Obama paid no taxes on his presidential salary and didn’t spend a penny on anything else, after 8 years he’d have enough for the down payment on that property.  But there he is, buying it.

When did he amass that money, and how did he amass it/what part did the fact that he was President play in amassing it?

Emoluments, anyone?

Oh, one other thing:  President Trump’s $400,000 salary?  He doesn’t take it.  He donates every penny to various charities.

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