To the people who say “She’s a woman, and she must be believed”:

Has it occurred to you that you are also saying “He’s a man, and he must not be believed”?  That, regardless of circumstances and facts, you are defining every man who is accused by a woman as being a liar…

…including your grandfather, father, husband, brother, son and friends?

I suggest you think about that.


  • Is Grassley that much of a wimp, or is the MSM doing its usual slanted & distorted reporting? The Repubs are losing more votes by being played by Ford that they would from an imagined women’s backlash at the polls.

    As an academic, Ford must have attended and presented papers at conferences, some of which undoubtedly distant from Palo Alto University in CA. HOW DID SHE GET THERE? ? ? Any airline tickets in her expense reports?

    • Zeke – that is an excellent point. Why haven’t Republicans demanded information about whether and where she has flown in the last several years? Demanded that, before being allowed these extra days, she state for the record that she has not done so?

  • She is so credible that she scrubbed her social media accounts before her name was released. What is she hiding?

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