Dear Mr. Trump:

I know you are disputing the results of this month’s presidential election.

I would not at all be surprised if you are correct in your claim that voter fraud/vote tampering was involved in your loss to Joe Biden.

But a) I do not know it to be the case, b) even if it is true, I do not know that you will be able to prove it and c) even if you were to prove it I do not know that you will be able to find enough fraud/tampering in “flippable” states to displace Joe Biden as our next president.

With the above in mind, I feel it is imperative that you give Mr. Biden 100% cooperation in effecting the transition from a Trump to a Biden administration.

Even if you dislike the idea of Joe Biden being President and even if you feel the election was rigged, and even if you are right about the election being rigged, if Mr. Biden is going to be the next president it does no one any good – not you and certainly not the country – to withhold such cooperation.

Please think about this and act accordingly.

Thank you.


  • So Donald, You managed to convince Joey Biden to resign.

    Then Kammie Harris becomes president.

    But she can’t deal with Donald’s harping and criticism and Haris resigns.

    So we wind up with Donald Trump opposing president Nancy Pelosi.

  • In other words President Trump should be better than his predecessor? What transitioning normally happens within the first few weeks after the election? It would be nice if someone reported what normally takes place during this time.
    I believe Trump will do what he believes to best for this country. But, I wouldn’t blame him if he did all he could to disrupt Biden’s administration after what they did to him.

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