“Perhaps the best thing that could be said about the hearing was that no one repeated a stunt quite like the one that Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) pulled last month in that same room, when he ate from a bucket of chicken to mock the fact that Attorney General William P. Barr had not shown up to testify as the committee had asked.

“Really, is this the best they can do?”

The commentary you just read came from a journalist’s latest commentary in a well known publication.

Do you think the journalist in question must be a conservative?  If so, I don’t blame you; it certainly is the sentiment of many who fit that description.

But it isn’t.

In fact, the journalist who wrote those words was Karen Tumulty, who no one will ever accuse of being a political conservative, and the publication was the decidedly leftward, Trump-hating Washington Post.  You can read her entire commentary by clicking here.

Too bad Nadler, a career political hack who does little to win elections in his district other than robotically voting liberal/left, is never going to spend a second thinking about what a fool he made of himself by dredging up John Dean to parade his irrelevancy in front of the country.

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