Roseanne Barr has become a non-person.

It took virtually no time at all for her repulsive, obviously racially-charged comparison of Valerie Jarrett to an ape, for her hit show to be cancelled, the reruns of her original show to be cancelled, her agent to dump her and the Entertainment/Political Complex (EPC) to exorcise her from existence as she knew it.

Did Ms. Barr bring this on herself?  You bet she did. And it’s not the first time she has put out ugly material of this nature either….it’s just the first time she did it as a Trump supporter.

The other times, including these impossibly sick “burnt Jew cookies” pictures…

…were forgiven, because the EPC knew her as being dutifully left wing.

But now?  As a Trump supporter she no longer has that layer of protection.

Their problem, however is that – finally – a criterion for outrage has very publicly been set.

What happens now, when the leftward personalities are uncovered as saying things every bit as ugly as what Roseanne Barr said about Ms. Jarrett?

The “Barr” has been lowered, folks.  And you can count on at least some media – not necessarily Trump supporters either – to remind the public of just-as-bad-maybe-worse quotes from people like Alec Baldwin, and Joy Ann Reid,  Al Sharpton and a raft of others, accompanied by demands that they be fired and banished to oblivion as well.

So the EPC got what it wanted.  That burr on their side – a hit show with someone who has a good word to say about Donald Trump – is no more.  But I wonder how they’ll like the fallout when it hits their side of the aisle.

Remember that old adage, “be careful what you wish for, it just might happen”?  This is very, very likely to be a case in point.

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