Ms. Clinton:

Since you lied to our faces about only having one smart phone (you had a blackberry, an Iphone and an Ipad to boot)…

…and since you lied to our faces about whether there were classified emails on your server (there were well over 2,000 of them)…

…and since you lied to our faces when you said you were ┬átalking about emails specifically marked “classified” at the time (you only made that claim after it became undeniable that there were a ton of classified emails on your server)…

…and since you continue to lie to our faces about the FBI conducting a “security review” of your email usage (there is no such thing as an FBI “security review”, it is a criminal investigation)…

…why should we believe that the 30,000 or so emails you deleted, and had scrubbed 8 ways from Sunday so they could not be retrieved, did not contain a lot more – of the same? Maybe material even more embarrassing and incriminating than what has already been found?

I’ll wait for your answer, Ms. Clinton.

I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a long, long time.

And I’ll also be waiting for our wonderful “neutral” media to be asking this same question.

I have a feeling that wait will be every bit as long.

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  • Anyone who was wondering if the msm were going to protect hillary like they protected obama when he ran for office, can rest assured they are and will continue.

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