As we both know, media delight in putting up polls for us to see the results of.  And as most people know, this is often a selective art form in which polls which support a favored side are featured, while those which support the other side are suppressed or just not shown at all.

Well, how many of you have seen a report on this poll – which I pulled from Paul Bedard\’s article at washingtonexaminer.com – showing that trust in the media, among 18 – 29 year olds, is even lower than trust in congress?

Q – How often do you trust each of them to do the right thing?

Scientists:   All/Most 56%,  Sometimes/Never 44%

The United States military:   All/Most 53%,  Sometimes/Never 46%

Your local police department:   All/Most 49%,  Sometimes/Never 50%

Supreme Court:   All/Most 42%,  Sometimes/Never 58%

United Nations:   All/Most 37%,  Sometimes/Never 62%

President Obama:   All/Most 36%,  Sometimes/Never 63%

Your local government:   All/Most 33%,  Sometimes/Never 67%

Your state government:   All/Most 30%,  Sometimes/Never 69%

Federal government:   All/Most 26%,  Sometimes/Never 74%

Congress:   All/Most 18%,  Sometimes/Never 82%

Wall Street:   All/Most 14%,  Sometimes/Never 86%

The media:   All/Most 12%,  Sometimes/Never 88%

Notice which entity is at the bottom of the pile – with just 12% saying it is trustworthy all or most of the time (incidentally, the “all” designation manages to generate a microscopic 2%)?

And in case you\’re wondering what mouth-breathing right wing goon squad concocted this poll…

….it was the Harvard Institute of Politics.  And they interviewed 3,000 18-29\’s to produce it – about triple what most national presidential polls use.

Incidentally, the Harvard Institute of Politics had a news conference about its poll at 10:AM yesterday and Mr. Bedard posted his article about noontime.  That means there was more than enough time for it to find its way into the national evening news and today\’s morning shows. 

Did it?

Nope.  I just googled the first three pages of  “Harvard Institute poll 18 – 29 year olds Media 18%”.  No CBS.  No NBC.  No ABC.  No New York Times.  No Washington Post.  No Los Angeles Times.  No…..ok, you get the idea.

It\’s always interesting when you come across a self-defining event – and isn\’t this one of them?  Doesn\’t the fact that these media would not report this poll show why young people (and don\’t doubt that the trend is similar for older people as well) do not trust media anymore?

But don\’t worry.  The blackout is not complete.  The next poll showing a major Republican candidate slip-sliding in the public\’s esteem is more than likely to be reported….