You may have noticed that our wonderful “neutral” media have no problem telling us when President Trump’s poll numbers have dropped.

Well, here’s one that I doubt you’ll be hearing or reading much about.

a week ago today, the Rasmussen poll had President Trump at only 43% approval and 56% disapproval.

Today’s poll results, which still do not show the full impact of his very positively received State of the Union speech, put President Trump’s approval at 49% and disapproval at 50%.

That’s a 13% negative disparity, down to 1% over just the past week. And, again, it does not incorporate the full impact of his State of the Union speech.

I move like that should be news. But how much have you heard about it today? Where yesterday, when he was at 48% approval/ 51% disapproval?

do you doubt for a second that, if mr. Trump’s numbers had dropped this precipitously over the past week, these same media would have been reporting it? Prominently?

Ah, yes. Our “neutral” media. What a joy¬† to see them at work.

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