This weekend, Hillary Clinton attended a conference, during which she was interviewed in front of an audience by veteran journalist Kara Swisher.  During the interview, Ms. Swisher inadvertently attributed former Attorney General Eric Holder’s comment about kicking Republicans (she got the exact wording of his quote wrong too) to Senator Cory Booker instead of Holder.

Hillary Clinton’s response?  “They all look alike”.

Here is the video.  Her comment comes at about 1:05:


I have no doubt that a great many people are going to try and make something of this.  Some already have.

But there is nothing to make.

As any reasonable person can easily tell, Ms. Clinton’s response was not a personal sentiment at all;  it was a gently sarcastic joke relating Ms. Swisher’s mistaken identity to the fact that some people really do see Black people that way.

There are many things to dislike about Hillary Clinton.  Any reader of this blog certainly knows I have had no problem citing them.  But can we be reasonable enough to give her a pass on this one?

I hope so.

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