In her latest blog, Karoli Kuns of crooksandliars.com wrote this…

In this bonkers Fox News interview with Howard Kurtz, Rudy Giuliani produces pages from an obscure right-wing website called “Hopelessly Partisan,” and reads them like they’re affidavits.

…and this:

Rudy Giuliani needs some help from a qualified attorney and a therapist. On Sunday, Giuliani made an appearance on Howard Kurtz’ show to spin Trump’s admissions of guilt and try to normalize that which should never, ever be normalized.

But the most remarkable moments in this interview concern Giuliani’s introduction of printouts from a site called “HopelesslyPartisan,” run by marketing researcher Ken Berwitz. Berwitz’ claim to fame in the political sphere is co-authoring a book called “The Hopelessly Partisan Guide to American Politics: An Irreverent Look at the Private Lives of Republicans And Democrats” in 2006. His partner on that project has written on deep topics like “The Baby Name Survey Book,” “Do You Treat Your Pet like It Was Your Child?” and “Do You Admit Not Making Love on Your Wedding Night?”

True masterpieces of marketing research, but a little light on political analysis. Still, that hasn’t stopped Berwick from grabbing some People Magazine dirt on Hunter Biden and quoting it on his website, imagining that Hillary will leap into the 2020 fray, and slapping Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff around. It’s really just a factless blog with lots of opinion and little else. Typical winger production, honestly.

A few notes to Ms. Karoli:

– A minor point, I admit, but my name is Berwitz.  You have me as both Berwitz and Berwick.  No biggie, I make typos too, but I thought I’d mention;

–  I agree that my website is obscure. But that is by design. I have never tried to expand it through use of any social media and I have never tried to monetize it. I write because I like to write about politics, among other subjects, and no other reason;

-Yes, my blogs have lots of opinions.  And they cite facts, upon which those opinions are based.  What do you think your blogs consist of?

-Our book, “The Hopelessly Partisan Guide To American Politics”, was intentionally not serious.   It was an attempt to defuse politics by researching Republicans and Democrats on their personal lives and laughing about the differences between them.

It was a good idea then…and an even better one now, which is why we are in the process of writing “Hopelessly Partisan II”.

-And, for the record, my co-author, Barry Sinrod, was brought into the project for two key reasons.   One of them was that, as you have noted, he has already written a number of other “fun” books in the past.  But the other one was that, politically, Barry is about as hard left as it gets.  His views would fit very, very comfortably in your website.

Not only am I untroubled by our political differences, but I value them – partly because I respect his views even when they differ from my own (which they don’t always do; your assumptions about me are wrong/my views are all over the lot), and partly because those differences add enormously to the prospect that we can write an enjoyable book that covers all the bases.

I hope this has been helpful.

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