In the senate, 43 Democrats voted against cloture, which would have allowed a vote to come to the floor on the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act – which protects babies who survive abortion attempts and are born alive.

The bill would require doctors to treat these live babies as they would any other live human being, and not allow them to be untreated, unfed, and left to die.

At Berkeley, the two violent felons who verbally and physically assaulted Hayden Williams for daring to be at a table distributing conservative material on campus remain at large.  No arrests have been made, even though the police say they have ID’d the “man” who physically attacked Williams, eventually punching him in the eye while Williams’ hands were at his side.

I offer these updates, because mainstream media have barely reported either story.  In fact, to my knowledge, not one network news show has reported either story at all.

43 US senators blocking a vote to protect living babies from being left to die and it isn’t news?  Nor is the violent prevention of political material being offered at a major university because it doesn’t fit the one-side-allowed beliefs there?

That’s what our mainstream media are today, folks.  And that is why fewer and fewer people trust them.

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  • Ken, why would they report on those, I don’t see the connection to Trump being evil. Please explain yourself.


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