In these times, laughter is a much-needed commodity.

And here is an opportunity for you:  CNN regular Gloria Borger’s comment about President Trump stating most media are against him:

“He went after the news media, making the point that, you know, we’d like to see them do poorly in the election, so we’re rooting against him in this crisis, and that’s so ridiculous. We should almost not even dignify it, honestly.”

Uh, Gloria….

…what about the non-partisan Pew Research Center’s finding that over 90% of media’s coverage of President Trump is negative?  Does that count?

And, while we’re on the subject, would you like to tell us what percentage of CNN’s coverage during this crisis – the one that leading Democrats have praised him for, the one during which his poll numbers have gone up – has been positive versus what percentage has been negative?

The idea that anyone from CNN can claim they are not rooting against him is worthy of a belly laugh.

Thank you for providing it.

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  • CNN’s staff will
    observe social distancing.

    Instead of coming into the studio, they are Instructed to LIE FROM HOME.

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