As I type this, I am watching video of President Trump, at last night’s dinner meeting, in which representatives of major European companies, one after the other, are telling him how many billions of dollars they are now pumping into the United States.  All smiles – certainly from Mr. Trump, and certainly from anyone who cares about the future of our economy and its effect on domestic overall prosperity/jobs/etc.

But…but….why are we paying any attention to this?  We just found out that, a year ago, Trump may have considered firing Robert Mueller but decided not to.

That’s the big news in US media this morning…as it should be, of course.  A year old story about President Trump considering, then rejecting, a change of IC certainly is far more important than trifles like major companies making major commitments to the economy, isn’t it?

And they wonder why fewer and fewer people trust them….

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